Life is short

Sometimes, the person that matters the most to you is the one with whom you tend to fight with the most. You wish to spend time with them, you wait for them to come, but when they do, somewhat somehow something happens that things don’t go as planned and you end up being mad at... Continue Reading →


The ‘V’ of Love

Love, of any kind, makes you vulnerable. You let your guard down. You let someone see your inner self. You share your fears, your mistakes, your darkest secrets. You give your full trust to someone without leaving a speck of doubt. It's like you've placed a knife in their hand and positioned against your carotid... Continue Reading →

“Oh Chinese”

Today I realised (once again) how I've never belonged to this country. I was heading towards work via careem. It was a small Suzuki Mehran. The windows were rolled down and I was sitting at the back. As we slowed down to enter the main road from the street, two men on a bike looked... Continue Reading →

Look around. Everyone's shadowed by a different kind of cloud. The cloud that's darkening over time. The cloud that is silent at first but then it starts to roar and rumble and then it pours.

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